Author: State of WI Dept. of Financial Institutuions  
  • Find out information on a number of consumer credit topics.
Author: Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection  
  • This section of the FTC website offers practical information on a variety of consumer topics. The information here can help you avoid rip-offs and exercise your consumer rights.
Author: GSA Federal Citizen Information Center  
  • File a complaint, be a smart shopper, understand credit, and more.
Author: WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection  
  • Find helpful advice on hundreds of topics - from advertising to telecommunications - written in easy-to-understand language by experts who research and answer consumer questions every day.
Author: State of WI Office of the Commissioner of Insurance  
  • Publications concerning insurance for a variety of topics, such as automobile, health, homeowner's, liability, life insurance, credit, etc.
Author: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System  
  • Guide to credit cards from the Federal Reserve, including information on the new credit card rules.
Author: Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection  
  • Credit is much more than a piece of plastic, and the resources on this site can help you become a more savvy consumer. This site also has publications for businesses on credit issues and information on credit-related Rules and Acts enforced by the FTC.
Author: Equifax Corporation  
  • One of three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion) that track your credit and determine your credit score.
Author: Federal Trade Commission  
  • One-stop resource to learn how to deter, detect and defend against identity theft.
Author: Better Business Bureau  
  • Credit and debt basics, credit management, and Earned Income Tax Credit information from the Better Business Bureau.
Author: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency  
  • helps you find answers to your National Banking questions.
Author: U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  
  • This website is a one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft. It provides detailed information to help you deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

    On this site, consumers can learn how to avoid identity theft and learn what to do if their identity is stolen. Businesses can learn how to help their customers deal with identity theft, as well as how to prevent problems in the first place. Law enforcement can get resources and learn how to help victims of identity theft.
Author: WebFinance Inc.  
  • Learn the basics about stocks, IRA plans, taxes, estate planning, investing, insurance, credit, budgeting, educational planning, family finances, and more.
  • Practical tips from federal government agencies and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.
Author: Soda Media  
  • The Simple Dollar is a place where anyone can come to acquire financial information on finding the best products and services, saving money, making smart investments, and controlling personal finances.
Author: Wisconsin Better Business Bureau  
  • Whether you want to file a complaint or check out a business or charity, the Better Business Bureau is a great place to start.
Author: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection  
  • Wisconsin's No Call List became effective January 1, 2003. Signing up identifies you as someone who does not wish to receive telemarketing calls. It's free and available for residential telephone customers in Wisconsin. Your number will remain on the List for two years. Adding your phone number to the List will help reduce (but not eliminate) telemarketing calls. Effective June 6, 2008, Wisconsin residents can add their mobile telephone numbers to the List.
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